Peter Clark and Grant Williams have, after years of coaching around the world, discovered the SECRETS to playing fantastic golf WITHOUT having to spend HOURS PRACTISING. 

How to play fantastic golf WITHOUT the
HASSLE of having to PRACTICE ever again!!!

That's right.... STOP waisting time and ENJOY Golf Again

From: Peter Clark and Grant Williams
Subject: Calling All GOLFERS!

Have you ever felt you wanted to play fantastic golf? 

You know what I'm talking about. You want to play consistance golf but you don't want to spend hours practising on a driving range.

You want to to learn to play better
You want to play more consistently
You hate the thought of having to practice
You want to have fun doing it

And then... 

You're Stuck...

You don't know where to start.

Our leading PGA Golf Professionals Peter Clark And Grant Williams will give you EVERYTHING You Need To LEARN to play golf while NEVER having to visit a driving range again. 

Time to get started and ENJOY YOUR GOLF again


I want to introduce you to Club59


 It is EXACTLY what you have been looking for

IT'S TIME to take ACTION and:

learn golf properly

lean golf fast

have fun learning golf

have fun

join social activities

play FANTASTIC golf 

That’s right at Club59 we have discovered, after years of coaching research,  the fastest way to play consistent golf - every time - without ever having to practice.

HOW we discovered this SECRET

Well back when we where teaching golf in Europe the driving range that we where running was to be shut down for a year while renovations where to take place. 

Well for most teaching business that would have meant disaster… but with a lot of brain storming we decided that we would have to do all our golf lessons on the course….AND EUREKA. 


Fast track to NOW….. 

We have continued this incredible idea at St Lucia Golf links and the SUCCESS has continued.

We have turned the way everyone thinks they should LEARN golf on its head.

Sick of hitting bad shots

Sick of feeling embarrassed 

Sick of loosing golf balls

Sick of not getting out of the bunker

Sick of hitting balls in the trees

Love social activities 

Love to play fantastic golf



Reasons WHY Golfers Invest in coaching at the St Lucia Golf Links:

  1. So centrally situated - only 7 minutes from the CBD
  2. Proven results helping golfers of all levels improve.
  3. All of our golf lessons are with fully qualified PGA Golf Professionals who use the latest technology.
  4. You will gain immense confidence, satisfaction and enjoyment from your game.
  5. First-rate facilities with our GCQuad Simulator, private GRASS 310 yards golf hole and short game area.
  6. We also use a online lesson booking system that makes it easy for you to book lessons online 24 hours a day.
  7. Full range of customised coaching plans and learning options built specifically around you and your desired goals.
  8. Expert Club fitting with our GCQuad Simulator of all the top brands including:
  9. Callaway, Srixon, Mizuno, Titleist, Ping and Cleveland. 
  10. A fun, patient approach to help you feel comfortable.
  11. Year-round coaching. Brisbane's weather is amazing.